Visceral Fat:3 Confirmed Ways To Find Out Visceral Fat In Our Body(2023)

3 Ways To Find Out visceral fat In Your Body?

Visceral or deep abdominal fat refers to the fat that gets accumulated inside the abdomen over the organs and adjacent to it, says Dr Kasaragod. It is basically around important organs such as liver, pancreas, kidney and intestines. The tricky part is that visceral fat is not visible or seen or felt. You may have a pretty flat tummy, but still have visceral fat. That’s the reason why some even refer to it as “thin outside fat inside”. The visceral fat is hidden and is not easily detected.

They generally require expensive imaging scans like computerised tomography or magnetic resonance imaging, says Dr Manisegaran. But there are also simple means to know if you are accumulating excess visceral fat. Here are some ways to find out!

1. Waist size

When you measure at belly button and see your waist size more than 31.5 inches, it should be alarming for women. For men, the cut-off is 35.5 inches.

2. Body mass index (BMI)

If your BMI is greater than 23 kg per meter square, it you could mean you are accumulating excess visceral fat.

3. Body shape

Having an apple shaped body, with a big trunk and slim legs, hints you have more visceral fat.

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