Vestibular Hypofunction:Recent Symptoms Of Vestibular Hypofunction(2023)

Health Study On Vestibular Hypofunction

What is vestibular hypofunction?

According to Dr Shobha N, Consultant Neurologist And Stroke Physician, Manipal Hospital, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru, the condition can be caused by either central or peripheral factors. It can also happen due to an infection, toxins, trauma, genetic or autoimmune disorders, tumours or neurodegeneration. However, the causes of 50 per cent of the cases of vestibular hypofunction are not known.

Sometimes, listening to music at high volume can also contribute to the problem.
“Injections like aminoglycosides and diuretics can act as toxins to the vestibular organs, trauma to the ear or the head and neck region, some genetic diseases, neurodegeneration also can be vestibular hypofunction. But in 50 per cent of the cases, we might not be able to elicit a cause,” she adds.

Symptoms of vestibular hypofunction

Common symptoms of the disease include dizziness, imbalance, visual blur, nausea, and vomiting, as per the neurologist. “Vestibular organs and the eighth nerve are needed for gaze fixation. If the input from the vestibular organs is inadequate, the gaze fixation will not be appropriate, and because of this, the patient will have difficulty standing, walking, and driving. Patients can also have recurrent falls,” she explains.

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