Vasculitis: Symptoms Of Vasculitis(2023)


What is vasculitis?

The US National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute defines vasculitis as a group of rare conditions which occur when swelling affects the walls of your blood vessels. By blood vessels, we mean veins and arteries. The swelling is the body’s response to tissue injury, which may be caused by autoimmune disorders or diseases that make your body attack itself, infections or even trauma.

Vasculitis is not of one type, and neither is it gender specific. There are different names for different parts of the body where the condition strikes – from lungs and kidneys, nose and throat, brain and spine and more.

Vasculitis can even affect the lungs. 

Symptoms of vasculitis

Symptoms of vasculitis may vary depending on the organ affected, and the degree of the condition which may range from mild to severe. But some of the general symptoms can include fever, fatigue, pain, weight loss and rash. Like in the case of Ashton Kutcher, a person may feel the symptoms in the parts of the body affected.

As for the treatment, medicines can be relied upon to alleviate symptoms and keep flare-ups at bay. It’s a good sign if the vasculitis responds to treatment.

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