Valentine’s Day: Tips To Rekindle The Romance In A Long Distance Relationship In 2023

Tips to rekindle the romance in a long-distance relationship

Here are a few things you can do to make your long-distance relationship work:

1. Plan a date night

There are a few things the pandemic has taught us, and one of them is how to have an awesome online date! You might not be able to sit in the same room, but you can watch the same movie while being on a video call together. You can eat together, share your thoughts, and spend quality time together. It’s not about going to a fancy restaurant, it’s about getting to know each other a little better!

How to rekindle romance in a long-distance relationship. 

2. Communicate your thoughts

The only way you can connect to your partner in a long-distance relationship is through calls or video calls. With so much in life, it can be difficult to connect to each other all the time. So, make sure you make the most of your communication and really listen when you talk to each other. Make it your priority to give all your attention to your partner while in the conversation.

3. Give your partner space

While having a conversation is important in a long-term relationship, it should be optional. Don’t make it a rule to have X number of calls or that your partner needs to talk to you every night. Communication is important, but your partner or you should not feel forced in a relationship to talk. When you force communication, conversations feel like a burden which is not the best for a relationship.

4. Look at the positives

We are all guilty of thinking negatively about things. Sometimes, we are too quick to judge or overthink things too much. When we’re away from someone, we make all sorts of assumptions or judgements that are completely wrong. Jealousy and possessiveness are some things that affect a relationship and lead to problems. So, be slow to judge, and don’t think about things that don’t even exist. The best thing to tackle this is communication.

5. Surprise them

Do they love surprises? Then what’s better than giving your partner a visit? If you can’t visit them, send a surprise gift that shows your loved one how special they are to you. While surprise visits are good, you should also plan your next visits so that you see each other often.

How to rekindle romance in a long-distance relationship. 

6. Get romantic over a video call

With Valentine’s Day approaching, prioritise your partner and get as romantic as you can. Keep the passion alive in the relationship, and don’t be afraid to get intimate. Find out what works for you as a couple and engage in those activities.

With these tips in place, we hope you are able to rekindle the romance in your relationship this Valentine’s day.

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