Vaccination During Pregnancy: Importance Of Vaccination During Pregnancy(2023)

Importance of vaccination during pregnancy

Vaccination during pregnancy is a simple and efficient method of protecting both the mother and the child from certain illnesses. During pregnancy, immune changes occur that may be responsible for vulnerability to some infectious illnesses, increasing the chance of more devastating results. Vaccination of pregnant women can protect the mother against vaccine-preventable illnesses, potentially protecting the fetus. Vaccination during pregnancy can also protect the fetus and baby directly through antibody transfer from the mother to the fetus. This is why prenatal vaccines are so vital along with other pregnancy care methods.


Prenatal vaccination is a low-cost technique for improving pregnancy outcomes in India. Vaccination with inactivated viral, bacterium, or toxoid in pregnancy poses a conceivable risk to a growing fetus. Nonetheless, the live vaccination does offer a potential risk to a growing fetus. As a result, all live immunisations should be avoided while pregnant. Lack of information about the benefits of vaccination during pregnancy is a common obstacle, as is a lack of concern about vaccine safety.

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