Usefulness Of A One-Sided Open Relationship

Usefulness Of A One-Sided Open Relationship

Yes, as confusing as it may sound, you read that right! A one-sided open relationship isn’t just a Pandora’s box of complexities, it can also be a treasure trove of benefits. Let’s take a look.

1. Autonomy and Independence

Remember self determination theory?  Well, it shines brightly here. A one-sided open relationship can fuel your need for autonomy like a Red Bull for your soul.

You maintain your individuality while also enjoying the comforts of a primary relationship. It’s like living alone but with backup.

2. Fulfilling Diverse Needs

Ever try to fit a square peg in a round hole? Sometimes our needs don’t perfectly align with our partner’s capabilities.

Enter Maslow’s  hierarch of needs , but let’s spice it up. In a one-sided open relationship, one can seek to fulfill different levels of needs—be it physiological or emotional—with different partners.

Imagine getting both your comfort food and gourmet dinner without leaving the same restaurant.

3. Reduced Relationship Strain

Let’s sprinkle some “relationship homeostasis” into the mix. Think of it like an ecosystem’s equilibrium but for your love life. A one-sided open relationship can sometimes reduce the strain on the primary partnership by outsourcing certain needs.

So, instead of stressing your relationship to be your end-all-be-all, you distribute the load.

4. Social Expansion

Being in a one-sided open relationship can sometimes feel like having a VIP pass to various social circles.

Whether it’s networking or simply making new friends, the social benefits are worth a mention. Just remember to respect each circle’s boundaries.

5. Keeps the Spark Alive

It might sound counterintuitive, but sometimes distance makes the heart grow fonder or at least keeps it from getting bored. The fresh experiences one partner gains could bring some unexpected zing back into the primary relationship. You can think of it as importing some exotic spices into your home kitchen, making everyday dishes taste brand new.


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