Understanding The Impact Of Coronavirus Killing Our Social Skills In 2023

Once upon a time, there was a global pandemic (coronavirus). It was terrible for the world – tens of millions infected, economies and businesses destroyed, people going hungry, misinformation and blame abounding. But for some individuals, it was a mixed blessing.

For extroverts and overly scheduled people, it was a chance to reflect on how busy you were and how many social obligations were draining and unnecessary.

For introverts, it was a perfect excuse to stay home and avoid the hustle and bustle of real life. Maybe it was a little TOO much alone time but working from home has turned out to be a pretty positive side effect of coronavirus.

You know who really got hurt by lockdown? Kids. Kids, who learn to grow up by interacting with other kids, by joining sports teams, by having playdates, by pushing boundaries set by teachers, by figuring out their own identities. Teenagers, who were already too addicted to their phones, becoming more dependent on them. Pre-adolescents, who were already a little immature, falling a year behind their peers in terms of social maturity.

Which brings us to today’s article, “An Adult’s Guide to Social Skills,” published in the New York Times earlier this year. Boundaries. Emotional Intelligence. Self-Awareness. Empathy. Communication. It’s my fierce and unfortunate loyalty to telling the truth instead of being more tactful and sensitive. It got me fired from a few jobs and still gets me in trouble today…as you can easily see for yourself.

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