4 Medical Treatment for Stomach Ulcers In 2023

The medical treatment for stomach ulcers typically involves a combination of medications and lifestyle changes. Most patients visit a doctor with symptoms they cannot control without knowing the cause for them. You need to eradicate any underlying causes, such as a bacterial infection. The specific treatment plan may vary depending on the individual case, the severity of the ulcers, and underlying factors. Here are some common medical treatments for stomach ulcers:

1. H2 Receptor Blockers

The H2 receptors in the stomach work to produce digestive acid when food reaches it. Blockers put a stop to the reception signal of these H2 receptors. It results in no formation of stomach acid .

2. Antacids

Over-the-counter antacids can provide temporary relief by neutralizing stomach acid. However, they do not promote the healing of the ulcers or address the underlying causes .

3. Antibiotics

If a bacterial infection is present, you may need a combination of antibiotics. The task is to eradicate the bacteria from its roots, or the infection may resurface after a while.

4. Cytoprotective Agents

These medications help protect the stomach lining and promote healing. Sucralfate is an example of a cytoprotective agent commonly used for stomach ulcers.

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