Tuberculosis: Signs And Symptoms Of Tuberculosis(2023)

Here are some symptoms you should be aware of:

There are 2 types of tuberculosis that can be classified as the following:

Latent TB:
This is a type of TB infection, where the bacteria in your body is inactive and does not cause any symptoms. It’s also regarded in the medical circles as inactive TB or TB infection that isn’t contagious. However, this type of TB faces the risk of becoming active, therefore treatment is very important.

Recognise the symptoms of Tuberculosis on time to get right treatment. 

* Active TB:
This type of tuberculosis can make you extremely unwell and spreads more easily to other people, as compared to latent TB. This can happen even weeks or years after infection.

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of active TB :

* Coughing for 3 or more weeks
* Coughing blood or mucus
* Chest pain, or pain, when breathing or coughing
* Drastic or unexpected weight loss
* Fatigue, and tiredness
* Fever
* Night sweats
* Chills
* Loss of appetite

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