Try Body Tapping For 10 Minutes To Gain All Its Health Benefits(2023)


What is body tapping?

Tapping is a type of acupressure that operates on the many meridians, each of which has very particular locations on the body, to ensure the proper energy flow and bring the body into balance. In order to promote the flow of energy, certain places on the body are stimulated. It involves much more than merely exercising.

Body tapping will help you reduce your stress levels. 

Health Shots reached out to yoga and wellness coach Tanya Luthra to understand body tapping and its benefits.

“I usually try helping my clients working long hours by starting their day with Qigong body tapping as it naturally helps to boost a low and dull vibration to a high vibrational one, lifting up your mood and helps you to feel the best for the day. I recommend doing it before you start your day for work,” Luthra tells us.

Benefits of body tapping

By tapping on all the various regions of the body, it helps the body to feel renewed and releases the blocked and clogged energy. What makes this sort of exercise even more lovely is that it aids in clearing obstacles that prevent the body’s stagnated energy from moving freely, which can improve mental clarity and emotional balance.

There are seated postures as well as standing poses for the majority of the methods.

“Fitness is about a person’s whole welfare, not just their physical health. So, tapping helps the physical body parts operate better, the mind become more attentive, and helps preserve the emotional balance,” sums up Luthra.

How to do it?

You can perform this as a standalone workout to boost your energy. The palms are one of the primary energy-working channels. Shaking the body is a good way to get the body moving. Before entering the energy channels, the body must be activated since this releases more energy that can then flow through the body in the flowing meridians.

1. Shake your wrists while facing your palms inward and letting your hands hang free.

2. For around 30 seconds, freely move your hands back and forth. The hands should then be towards the floor with the palms facing down for a further 30 seconds.

3. As you bounce onto the floor, start shaking your arms and bending and straightening your legs.

4. As you shake your body, relax into your lower belly, neck, hip joints, and neck. Avoid keeping these areas rigid.

Technique: The tapping is concentrated on important meridian lines and acupressure spots on the body.

Pressure applied with cupped-shaped hand tapping might affect the meridians. One of the key locations is the crown of the head, which is connected to mood, focus, and memory.

The spine is related to this point on this meridian, making it one of the most significant since doing so helps to extend the spine and enhance posture. So, tap this place 7-9 times with cupped palms.

This is just one of the far too many aspects of Qigong body tapping that may be learnt alone or in a group setting. If you’re searching for a simple routine to improve your mood and make your day better, just try this one!

All you have to do is remove 10 minutes in the morning for channelising the energies!

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