Too Much Texting Can Wreck Your Posture! Tips To Fix Your Posture While Texting(2023)

How to fix your posture while using phone

Yasmin, along with physical therapist Dr Hemakshi Basu,  has shared a post on Instagram that speaks about some tips to deal with this issue.

Here’s what Yasmin wrote, “Want to text me?” Yasmin wrote, to start her post, adding, “No, no, I don’t mean literally texting me. Find out how to correct your posture while using the phone.” She then added how we could adopt the best practices for texting while doing our daily chores. “Follow the tips to correct your posture while you are using your phone standing, lying down or sitting,” she said.

The duo has also demonstrated the correct pose, while standing, sitting in a chair or sofa and lying on the bed. While standing and texting someone, it is important to have your head up, phone up and shoulders down.

When we sit on the sofa, we tend to slouch, which is unhealthy. According to Dr Hemakshi, one must slide back — resting against the backrest, shoulders back and “use your eyes not your neck.”

The third posture talks about when we use our phones lying down on the sofa or bed.”Slide down, use a pillow, support your elbow to hold the phone,” she said for the third correct posture.

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