To do list before marriage: 10 things lovers need to do before getting married

things lovers should do before getting married

To-do list before marriage: 10 things lovers need to do before getting married

Hi guys. Welcome to the latest from relationship matters. Today, we’ll be looking at the various things lovers need to do before deciding to get married.

So many people get married for the wrong reasons these days and it’s evident in the present-day society. You see people getting married due to peer pressure; getting married just for the fun of wedding; getting married just to be considered a married man/woman etc.

This article is not directed to people in such a category. However, feel free to learn if you fall in such a category. Here, we’re trying to reach out to people who are ready to get married to for the right reasons. Being ready doesn’t mean your present partner/lover is the right person. Making a mistake when choosing the right partner is as terrible as mistakes go.

Often, people do fun things before getting married. Rather than focus on those things, why not do the necessary things that are needed to be done before getting married. People often focus all their attention planning for a good wedding, rather than planning for a good marriage.

I don’t doubt the fact that marriage life is a bridge that couples will cross when they are there. However, there are certain things needed to be done by lovers to avoid a catastrophic marriage.

Remember, wedding last for a day and marriage is meant to last for a lifetime. If you are one of those who don’t plan to have a divorce, I’ll encourage you to read carefully. This will go a long way to helping you in ways you can’t imagine. Without much ado, let’s cut to the chase.


10 things lovers should do before getting married

1. Go for a DNA test

This is arguably the most important in the to-do list before getting married. However, it’s of no use if both parties plan to have a barren marriage. I doubt there’s anyone who doesn’t want to have a fruitful marriage. The goal here is to check if you are compatible for marriage. No one would want to suffer his/her kids to live as a sickle cell patient. Also, I bet you don’t want to go through the stress of having one in your home. Go for DNA test today to know if you’re free to go through the wedding as planned.


2. Understand each other’s value

This is very important when different race/culture/religion is involved. If you’re one who doesn’t have the discipline of working to keep a relationship alive, I’ll advise you end things with someone who has almost entirely different culture and religion with you. Nonetheless, getting married to someone of a different race, culture and religion can turn out fine if you guys communicate how you’ll live the rest of your lives with such difference. Do well to stick with the agreement made. Never assume things will work out, put this up for discussion so you can decide the fate of your suppose wedding/marriage.


3. Spend time together

Getting to know everything about your partner might be very difficult. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in an effort to know your spouse to be as much as possible. Spending much time together can help achieve this. This helps to expose the strengths and weaknesses of your lover.  You get to know about his/her hygiene, neatness etc. Cohabitation now and then can help. For those whose religion/culture don’t permit cohabitation before marriage, you must create time for each other. Weekends might do. Believe me, spending time together will expose your eyes to see if indeed you guys are compatible.


4. Argument

Though this is not entirely important, it helps. You mustn’t always bottle things up when you’re still dating. Be free to express yourself and see how far your partner can go because of an argument/anger. Won’t you want to know if your partner does pick up a knife just because of an argument? The only way you can find out is if you’ve been in a heated argument with him/her before. Getting to know about this after getting married is of no use again because you are already married. Anyways, you could register for karate lessons so you’ll be able to dodge objects (lol).


5. Have sex

This is optional. It all depends on your belief. If it’s something both partners agrees to, then fine. This will help prevent complains about each other’s sex life after marriage. As a woman, you won’t be happy if you need a man that can last 40 minutes in bed when your husband can only last for 7 minutes. Also, it helps to show how far your partner can go to please you during sex. This helps to reduce expectations. If your belief is not against it, do it. However; if it doesn’t permit it, just hope you don’t get disappointed.

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6. Meet each other’s people

By “each other’s people”, I mean each other’s friends, best friend, family etc. Spending time with each other’s favourite people will help to show if you’re accepted by your partner’s people. Also, it helps reveal some things about your partner that you didn’t know. Lastly, you’ll get to know what to expect from these people when you finally get married. This is one thing you shouldn’t neglect in your “before I get married to-do list”.


7. Talk about children

Are we going to have children? If yes, how many? What’s the spacing? do you mind if it’s all boys, all girls, or mixed? etc. These are some of the questions needed to be answered before going to recite your marriage vows. You don’t keep this on hold before getting married, trust me.


8. Parenting strategy

This has to do with the strategy that will be implemented to best raise your kids if you plan to have children. Partners are advised to discuss this and also discuss the roles each other will play to raise the kids in the best possible ways. You don’t want to end up raising a wayward child or end up always having to disagree with your spouse when it comes to raising your kids. Try to discuss this before getting married.


9. Talk about finances

This is very important, yet usually ignored. It’s good to discuss how both of you make money; how much you make daily, weekly, monthly, manually etc. Also, decide how much would be saved, invested and spent on the course of having a happy marriage. Discuss how long you plan to work, the risks involved in your work etc. This will help reduce some of the financial crisis that comes with marriage. Good financial life has a role to play in a happy marriage.


10. Take dance lessons together

This is on a lighter note though. If you want your marriage to also be a fun one, it won’t be bad if you and your spouse dance together now and then. So, how will you know if your supposed spouse got the move if you don’t take dance lessons together? Also, it helps to teach each other the dancing moves for the wedding. Though it’s not exactly important, it’s not a bad idea. Also, it’s fun.


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I guess you’ve learnt one or two things from this article. You’ve seen the fun things to do before you get married; things couples should do before getting married; questions to ask your spouse to be before getting married; things to know about each other before marriage etc.

In the case you have a correction to make; correction to make; questions to ask etc. please don’t hesitate to use the comment section. Also, endeavour to share on various social media as this will go a long way to put a smile on our face. Thank you


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