To-Be-Moms! Vitamin D Deficiency Can Trigger ADHD In Your Unborn Child(2023)

To-be-moms, take note: This recent study says a vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy can lead to development of ADHD in children.

Go that extra mile to take care of your health during pregnancy.

Pregnancy isn’t a very easy phase of life–you have to take extra care of the little one growing inside your womb while taking care of yourself. This is also the time when fatigue kicks in easily, so it is very important to have balanced meals to avoid any deficiency as it can lead to further complications.

In fact, a recent study has revealed that alongside genotype, prenatal factors such as vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy can influence the development of ADHD–a common chronic disease in children that impacts their attention span, self control, and ability to sit still.

The research study was done in collaboration between researchers from the University of Turku, Finland, and Columbia University, New York and was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health NIHM (USA) and the Academy of Finland.

The aim of the study was to find a connection between low maternal vitamin D level in early to mid-pregnancy and an elevated risk for diagnosed attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in offspring.

Professor Andre Sourande, who is the primary investigator mentioned that despite the recommendations–10 micrograms per day throughout the year–vitamin D deficiency is still a global problem. In Finland, mothers’ vitamin D intake is not at a sufficient level.

Give your body the proper nourishment that it requires and pay extra attention to yourself during your pregnancy as it can pose health threats to your baby.

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