Tired Of Friend Zone! Ways To Get Out Of The Friend Zone And Live A Happy Life(2023)

How to get out of the friend zone and live a happy life?

It happens to the best of us and can be confusing, but nothing you can’t get over. It may feel like a nightmare at first, but you will get over it. So, scroll down to live a life full of happiness and not dwell in your sorrows anymore.

1. Separate your worth from that person

When someone friend zones you, it may bring you down and make you feel unworthy – but that’s not the case! Your worth should not depend on another person. “Even if the person didn’t want to take the relationship to the next level, it still doesn’t make you unworthy or unwanted. By identifying your worth and appreciating it, you can find better ways to accept your choice,” says Shivam.

2. Build some boundaries

So, the person you are crushing on has decided that they want to stay friends. What about you? If you still want that person to stay in your life, you must draw some boundaries for their sake and your own. Coach Shivam says that it can be emotionally burdening for you to try to maintain the same chemistry as before. By building boundaries, you can give yourself some space and time to process how you want to take it forward.

Drawing boundaries is important when you want to stay friends with your crush. 

3. Get busy

The best remedy to get over someone is not to get involved with someone else but to concentrate on yourself whilst being aware of what you feel. “Keep yourself occupied but not at the cost of rejecting your emotions or thought. Take your time to process your feelings. Taking the help of a professional can do wonders,” recommends the intelligence coach.

4. Don’t lose hope

When you get stuck in the friend zone, it can lower your self-confidence but don’t lose hope! Just because it didn’t work out with someone you liked doesn’t mean it is never going to work out with anyone else, adds Coach Shivam.

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