Tips To Perform Plank Exercise In 2023

Tips To Perform A Plank Exercise

The very basic plank is done by lying prone over the elbows, keeping the body weight over the toes while maintaining a stable and straight back structure, the expert tells Health. Shots. Make sure to keep your elbows perpendicular to your shoulder. The whole idea is to maintain your entire body in a neutral position, that is, the body should not bend.

There are also variations to perform planks:

• Knee plank, which takes pressure off your lower back but still gives you a great core workout.
• Side plank, which is mostly targets your muscles on the sides of your torso and your hip abductors.
• One leg plank, which is basically the plank exercise on just one leg.

Avoid the following mistakes while doing plank exercise:

1. Arching your back

If you arch your back, it means you are putting more weight onto your arms rather than engaging your abdominals.

2. Tilting your head up

Your head should not be tilted, and your neck should be in line with your body. If your head is tilted, it can strain your neck.

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