Tips To Move More In Everyday Life(2023)

Tips On How to move more in everyday life?

Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you move more, and exercise is not one of them. So, let’s get MOVING!

1. Walk and talk

Whether it’s a work call or an hour’s call with your bestie, get up and go outside with your conversation! Do you know how much half an hour of walking can do for you? It will help maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of heart diease, strengthen your bones, increase energy levels, boost immunity, and reduce stress – phew! And the list goes on. Walking can do wonders for your health, so try walking and talking.

Walk while talking on the phone to move more in your everyday life! 

2. Take the stairs

Tale as old as time – take the stairs to stay fit! While you might have heard it a gazillion times, it is one of the most effective ways to move more in your everyday life. When you walk in the elevator, it increases your heart rate and improves overall strength. So, the next time skip taking the elevator and take the stairs instead.

3. Use your commute as an excuse to move more

It is best if you are taking public transport. If you are, get down at least 10-20 minutes away from your office to walk that distance. If you travel by car, park a little further away and take a walk to your office. Don’t take the elevator, take the stairs in your office. Try to incorporate little changes in your life to ensure you are walking more and keeping fit.

4. Stand up and work

If it’s possible to snag a convertible desk at your workplace, you are sorted! If not, you can still stand and work. Don’t worry about the looks because, in the long run, this is going to benefit you. While it is a good practice, too much of anything can be harmful to your health. Listen to what your body wants and do it accordingly.

5. Exercise or stretch while watching TV

We don’t want to sabotage your “chill” time, but this could help. The next Netflix sesh could include walking on a treadmill, cycling, doing some stretches, trying some Pilates moves, or can incorporate an exercise you think works best for you.

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