Tips To Keep In Mind While Doing Interval Running In 2023

A few tips that you need to keep in mind while doing an interval run
  • Warm-up is a must. At least 15 minutes muscle warm up is necessary, as you are going to run full throttle.
  • After stretching, either brisk walk or jog for 10 minutes.
  • After this stretch, step up again on the treadmill for the interval.
  • Wear proper shoes and a sports bra, so that your breasts and feet don’t feel the heat.
  • To avoid chafing, wear breathable fabric.
    Here’s why interval running is the fastest way to lose weight

    Do you know when you keep running at a static pace, your body gets habituated and stops giving you the result you desire? But when it comes to interval running, you keep on giving your body shocks by changing your speed every now and then. Due to this, your body doesn’t get the time to acclimatize, and hence the impact is more than just running at a constant speed. Basically, it curtails the stagnation phase.

    Interval running is the buzz word in fit galaxy. 

    Your heart rate increases tremendously during interval running, as you run full power. There’s more huffing and puffing that happens than usual – as a result, your body produces more heat, you burn calories, and then weight loss.

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