Tips TO Help You Ace 70-Second Plank(2023)

Some tips that will help you ace this 70-second plank

Doing an exercise is all about engaging a particular body part. If not done right, it’s a complete waste. In a mixed exercise like this, you need to be cautious. That’s because there is no break, and you straightaway transition into a different move. Here’s all that you need to keep in mind:

1. Remove your shoes for better grip, while doing a plank.
2. Do it on a yoga mat for maximum results.
3. Flex your stomach and concentrate on your core area.
4. Keep your body straight.
5. When you make a transition, do it slow and properly. Don’t stop breathing.
6. To ensure you’re upright while doing a side plank, stretch your arms out, as if your fingers are trying to touch the roof.
7. While doing a forearm plank, look down towards the floor and not ahead.
8. Don’t keep your hips too low, while doing the forearm plank.
9. Don’t hunch your shoulders.

This plank is a circuit so don’t drop it in the middle, otherwise you will lose the contraction that you have attained.

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