Tips On How To Move On After The End Of A Long-Term Relationship

Recovering from a long-term relationship can be so challenging and painful, part of me feels like a masochist for even writing about it. However, helping others navigate this ordeal is one of the only truly worthwhile reasons for dredging up one of the hardest times in my life. In this article, we shall discuss tips on how to move on after the end of a long-term relationship.

Nothing could be harder to move on from than a relationship that had lasted for many years. It is not easy to detach yourself from a person who has been part of your system for a long time. Losing that person is like losing one of your hands or even having half of your body paralyzed. It seems like life will never be the same again.

However, if for some reason, the relationship has fallen apart and you know it can never be mended, then letting go is the only way to move forward. Especially if one of you has fallen out of love already or you have irreconcilable differences, then ending the relationship is inevitable.

It may be a hard and long process, but yes it is possible to move on after the end of a long-term relationship. Here are tips that may help you with how to handle it.

1. Cry If You May, But Do Not Be Suicidal.
It is normal to cry after a relationship ends. You are a normal human, so let yourself express the pain you feel. However, do not think of quitting everything. There is more to life than having a partner. Thus, never allow depression to bring you as far as ending your life. There are many things you can do even if you are single.

2. Get Rid Of Your Ex’s Stuff.
One of the best ways to move on faster from your breakup is to get rid of the things your ex gave you, or his/her stuff that is still in your possession. Seeing those around would constantly remind you of the pain. If you cannot bear to throw or burn those things, you have options to either give them away or give them back to your ex.

This one is not easy to do, since it is hard to detach yourself from the only things that could give you the hope of having your ex back. However, you need to be wise, or you will end up suffering for a long time. There are many other things that you can do to move on from your painful breakup. All you need is to be willing to do them, even if it hurts.

3. If Necessary, Move Into A New Environment.
This is only advisable if you and your ex share the same environment like the workplace, and bumping into each other makes it hard for you to function productively. If his/her presence is unbearable or being together in one place causes negative effects on your environment, then it is not bad to consider leaving for a while or for good. The new environment can help you move on faster too.

4. Be Positive About The Future.
If you would keep on focusing on your loss at the present, you would be discouraged. Therefore, encourage yourself to dream of a brighter future. Think about pursuing your dreams so you will be successful someday. It would be bad if you end up a loser in both love and career. Also, be positive that someone better is meant for you, and someday your paths will cross. Be excited about it.

If you had a rough relationship with your ex, then you should be thankful for the chance to get away from him/her. Now that you are single—and hopefully have learned a lot about dealing with a partner—you have the opportunity to find a person who will treat you better and you can understand better.

Cliché, but it is helpful. Use the breakup as a motivation to improve yourself. This is not for revenge. Rather, it is a call to reinvent yourself, so that the next time you enter a relationship, you can avoid the same mistakes that contributed to your failed relationship. Also, this is a reminder to yourself that you deserve to be treated better, and that you certainly deserve the best in everything.

6. Feel The Bliss Of Singleness.
There are a lot of things that you cannot do when you are in a relationship. Remember, if you have a partner, you need to consult him/her for a decision like accepting a job offer abroad or going out of town for days with your friends. That is why you better savor this chance of being free again. Once you find new love, your liberty will be limited again.

7. Do Not Deprive Yourself Of Closure.
Proper closure can help make the moving-on process easier. For this reason, make sure that you have that final talk with your ex which can help you both settle issues, apologize, and part ways in a civil way. You may not get back together, but at least when you think about your past or when you meet somewhere, you will be spared from regrets and hatred.

8. Preoccupy Yourself With Productive Things.
Instead of being swallowed by depression in your room, get out of bed, go to school or work, and be busy striving to be the top student or best employee of the month. Focus your energy and thoughts on your tasks. Study hard or give your best to create excellent outputs. You will feel better.

9. Acknowledge And Accept The Pain.
Stop denying the agony you are going through. Pretending to be fine when you are not would make it harder since you are repressing the pain down to your core. You have to release it by acknowledging the reality of the situation and accepting that it is time to let go. Doing so would lessen the emotional struggle inside you.

10. Do Not Resort To Destructive Habits.
People who are emotionally weak are more prone to depression and self-destructive habits. Cutting wrists, drinking hard and non-stop, taking drugs, or sleeping with different partners are just some of the unhealthy activities that the brokenhearted may resort to. They may help them forget their situation for a moment, but they also get them stuck in the pain while on the way to complete destruction.

11. Be With Supportive People Who Understand What You Go Through.
Having a strong support system is important when you are going through depressive situations like this. Letting your family and trusted friends know your situation is a healthy step to recovery. Their comfort and support can be a great encouragement to keep on being positive in life. For sure, they would willingly offer their shoulders to lean on, because they care for you.

12. Enjoy Time With Family.
You still have a lot of loved ones around you. These are the people who will forever love you no matter what. They are your family. Take time to bond with these special people, so you can express your love for them. Aside from making them feel your affection, this will make you feel better as well. Date with your parents, take a trip somewhere with your siblings, or simply stay with them at home and do fun things together like watching television or cooking dinner.

13. Bond With Your Friends.
Being with your friends can help you forget about what you are going through for a while. Your best friends are part of your support system, so having them around will make you feel better. Do something fun and productive with them. You can watch movies, enjoy outdoor activities, or simply hang out at your favorite spot. Just make sure to stick to mature and good influence friends who can be the right people to run to during these times.

14. Take A Vacation.
Going on a holiday trip can also help you unwind and feel much better. Go somewhere beautiful and refreshing with family members or closest friends. You can also try traveling alone if you need a retreat. Let the healing power of nature restore your joy and enthusiasm in life. This can be a soothing therapy for your wounded soul.

15. Do Not Avoid For Too Long The People, Places, And Things That Remind You Of Your Past.
It is normal to feel pain when you see the people, places, or stuff that remind you of your ex. Avoiding them is a normal reaction because you want to forget him/her.

However, you can only completely move on once you finally overcome the fear of remembering your pain. After several months, bravely face these people, go to those familiar places, and be exposed to that stuff. Decide to walk down memory lane over and over until such time it does not hurt anymore.

16. Do Not Rush Into Finding A New Partner.
Your loneliness could lead you to look for comfort in the arms of someone else. This could be dangerous since you would be exposing your vulnerability, and others may take advantage of it. As much as you desire to feel loved again, do not be in a hurry to enter a new relationship while you have not moved on from your past. Aside from being unfair to the person who would take you seriously, it would be another problem the moment you realize you are not really ready to love again.

17. Do Not Stalk.
Stalking your ex on social media would keep you bitter and longing. For this reason, you have to control the urge of finding out what s/he is up to or who s/he is with. Completely letting go means not caring about your ex’s activities and whereabouts anymore. You need to erase him/her from your system. You are over him/her, remember?

18. Focus On Following Your Dreams.
Divert your attention to your goals in life. What do you want to achieve as a person? What are your dreams? Preoccupy your mind with success goals. Pursue them with your best effort. Make your heartbreak an inspiration to build yourself up.

19. Encourage Yourself To Be More Attractive.
Along with your goal to reach your dreams, challenge yourself to be more attractive inside-out. Keep yourself fit and healthy. Find the fashion style that suits you best. Develop self-confidence too. In addition, find out how you can treat people better, seek ways to help them and be a role model in your community.

20. Make Your Spiritual Self Healthy.
Once the spiritual area of your life is healthy, it will manifest in your physical appearance and life disposition. Seek spiritual guidance through prayer and reading God’s word. Aside from enlightenment, this will also bring healing to your soul.

21. Pamper Yourself A Little Bit More.
Treat yourself to a movie, spa, or shopping spree. Get a new haircut or reinvent your wardrobe. This is one of those times when you have an excuse to indulge yourself in things or activities you have been wanting to do ever since. This can help you freshen up, plus you deserve it.

22. Go Out More Often.
Instead of crying behind closed doors, decide to go out more often to get fresh air. Staying in your room the whole day and isolating yourself from the world would lead to depression—and that would not do you any good. Fight the urge to succumb to loneliness. Get yourself moving and enjoy even the small things around you.

23. Wear Bright Colors.
The color of your outfit can also affect your disposition (source: This is proven in color psychology. Therefore, be aware of what you should wear. Avoid wearing clothes of dark and dull colors like grey or black. They would pull down your mood and make you sulky. On the other hand, wearing bright colors like yellow and pink can help brighten your mood.

24. Enjoy Physical Activities.
Physical activities like sports or outdoor games would not only make you fit and healthy. They can also help boost your mood and increase your energy. This is because physical activities can make your body release happy hormones that can brighten your mood and make you more active. Through this, you will be less prone to depression and your moving on will be faster.

25. Forgive Yourself And Those Who Hurt You.
Forgiveness is a major factor in the restoration of your heart and soul. Forgive yourself, your ex, and whoever else is involved in your breakup. Do this for yourself so you can have peace of mind. Forgiveness will not happen overnight, but as you decide to give it daily, it will come sooner.

Releasing forgiveness is necessary for you to completely move on. Do not think of it as doing your ex a favor. Instead, just think of how you will have peace in your heart because you do not keep a grudge against anyone.

If you do not know how to forgive your ex, read my blog post about how you can forgive someone who has broken your heart. You will surely learn a lot.

26. Believe That You Are Strong To Handle This.
During painful moments like this, you need to be strong for yourself. You cannot rely on other people to carry you throughout this time, because they have their own battles to fight. Furthermore, no matter how hard others encourage you if your will is weak and you do not help yourself, you will still be miserable. Therefore, you have to strengthen your will and believe that you are indeed a strong person. You can survive this.

27. Choose To Be Happy.
They say happiness is a choice. Well, it really is. You cannot control the circumstances around you, but you can control your response to them. If you decide to be positive despite the problems you go through, then you have a better chance of thriving in life. To thrive means to be successful, prosperous, and fulfilled.

In summary, the end of your relationship does not mean the end of the world. There are many more reasons to strive harder in life. Just look at things in a positive way. Moreover, see it as an opportunity to make better decisions and find someone better for you. In short, treat this as a new beginning in love and life.

No matter how hard you are going through because of heartbreak, quitting life should never be an option. It may take a long time, but I tell you, your wounds will eventually heal and your joy will be restored. You just need to be patient with the process. After this, you will be stronger.

I hope you find this article helpful.

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