Tips On How To Do Frog Jump For Weight Loss In 2023

Here’s how you need to do a frog jump to lose maximum weight

1. First of all, stand with your feet wide apart. They shouldn’t be very far from each other, but more than hip width apart.

2. Now, get into a full squat position.

3. Next, stand up and jump forward. As soon as you jump forward, get into the full squat position again.

4. Jump forward again and repeat the move.

Tip: All you beginners out there can use their palms while landing, in order to improve their grip and balance their posture. Once you get the move right,  you can put your hands in front of you and do the move.

As you need to do 100 frog jumps daily for a month, you can break them into five sets of 20.

Here are some mistakes you need to watch out for while doing a frog jump

1. Don’t do it bare feet. Wear proper shoes to support your knees and ankle.

2. Don’t do it on a slippery surface, as you might get injured.

3. Don’t do half-squat and jump. You need to do a full-squat and then take a leap to get the impact.

4. Don’t hunch your back, otherwise you will get lower backache. Keep it straight at all times.

Prevent joint cramps by avoiding this mistakes. 

5. Don’t rush. Even if you do them slowly, it’s fine. Once you get the hang of it, you can add a little speed. .

6. Don’t skip warm up and stretch. Frog jump is an HIIT move that means the intensity is right up there.

7. Don’t jump way too far. Just ensure you are jumping a foot or a foot and a half forward, and not more than that.

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