Tips For Brides-to-be To Keep The Wedding Stress Away In 2023

Tips for brides-to-be to keep the wedding stress away

Listen up, brides! Your D-day should be about you and not the stress. Here’s how to be happy.

1. Don’t lose sight of the positives

You should not forget to recognize and remember the little joys during this time. You should continue moving on and looking forward to an amazing new chapter of your life. Dr Chhibber suggests, “Look at the positive experiences and the joy and pleasure of what you are doing. Focus on the goodness of life you are going to create.”

Focus on the positive to keep stress at bay! 

2. Savour the company of your family and friends

The wedding season unites your loved ones together. Dr. Chhibber recommends relishing the company of friends and family members and sharing these memorable experiences and time with them. There is nothing better than having your loved ones around, so you should make the most of these moments.

3. Stop paying heed to petty issues

“No matter how perfect you want the time to be, small problems in life will always crop up regardless of your persistent efforts. The more attention you will give them, the more magnified they become,” says Dr. Chhibber. Keep your focus only on the joyful moments.

4. Focus on things you can control

The buzz of wedding season brings along matters that might not be under your control. During those times, it is important to shift yourself to a more positive outlook and look at aspects that are under your control. Swiftly direct your attention towards them.

5. Take regular breaks from work

You cannot brush your responsibilities aside. However, you should take regular breaks from all the work you need to do during this period. Pace yourself and balance out multiple elements you need to look at.

6. Lean on your support system

Whenever you sense your mental health going astray, Dr Chhibber suggests utilizing your support system. Seek their help and support as and when needed.

Be around your loved ones to get rid of stress. 

7. Make time for yourself

You must ensure curating and carving out time for yourself to be able to unwind and just disconnect from everything you need to do so you can rejuvenate your mind and soul.

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