Tips And Health Benefits Of Performing Kakasana Regularly In 2023

Here’s how you can do a kakasana: 

1. Stand straight and squat down.
2. Keep your knees wider than your hips, and lean forward.
3. Stretch your arms and place your palms on the floor, and bend your elbows.
4. Lean forward and put the weight of your torso onto the back of your upper arm.
5. Allow your knees to go outside of your elbows, and rest your inner thighs on your triceps.
6. When you are ready, slowly lift your feet off the floor and balance on your arms.
7. In kakasana, your elbows are bent, and your back is parallel to the floor.

Try your hands on crow pose to get toned arms in a month. 
You will get all these benefits if you perform kakasana regularly for 30 days
  • It improves the digestion and metabolism of the body, which aids in weight loss.
  • Practising this posture regularly will help you to tone your waist.
  • Kakasana enhances blood circulation and improves the function of the respiratory system. When you practise this posture, through the pressure on the abdomen, it massages the abdominal area. It also strengthens your wrists and arms, and gives you a slim waist.
  • It prevents water retention in the body, thus leaving you feel lighter. This asana strengthens the joints and muscles of the body, building upper body strength.
  • Kakasana is also a great posture to boost focus and concentration, and increase your memory power.
Crow pose is best avoided, in case of the following conditions:

1. Carpal tunnel syndrome
2. Pregnancy
3. Avoid if you have wrist arthritis or wrist pain
4. Avoid if you have any back pain or injuries, including surgeries, osteoporosis, disc bulging or herniation, and arthritis.
5. Avoid if you have a hip replacement or hip pain, while doing the pose

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