Thyroid Issue! Effective Exercise To Help You Fight Thyroid Issue In 2023


Without further ado, let’s learn about all the exercises recommended by Yasmin Karachiwala:

1️. All 4’s alternate leg lift

You need to position yourself on your hand and knee. Slowly raise and extend your leg straight behind, without moving your spine. Then bring the leg down. Do 15 reps.

Don’t let hypothyroidism ruin things for you and your body. 
2️. Crisscross

Put your hand behind your head, and lift your head and neck with the support of your hands and shoulders.Place your hands behind your head and raise your legs up to form a right angle. Perform a crunch, while touching your opposite elbow to the alternating knee, while extending the other leg.

3️. Suicide Push

Get in a plank position. Now, lift your right arm and come up on your right hand, then do the same with your left hand. Do eight reps.

4️. Burpee

Stand straight and keep your arms by your sides. Get into the squat position, put your hand on the floor, then step back, with your legs into a plank position. Now, jump forward to be in the squat position, and come back to the standing position. Do 10 reps.

5️. Double pulse sumo squat

Put your feet out a little, and point your toes outward. Hold your hand in front of your chest, then bend your knees straight to your thighs. Stand back. Perform this for at least 30 seconds.

So ladies, think no more and implement these simple exercise in your routine, as advised by Yasmin karachiwala.

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