Things To Say When Your Husband Gets Angry At Your Words(2023)

Things to Say When Your Husband Gets Angry When You Tell Him Your Feelings

Navigating these emotional discussions in the moment can be challenging, especially when your husband responds with anger.

Having a few prepared responses can be a helpful tool in these situations, promoting better understanding while also de-escalating tension. Here are nine phrases that can help you address his anger effectively:

“I’m not attacking you. I just want to share how I’m feeling.”

This phrase reminds him that the conversation is not about accusations but about sharing your emotions. It helps him understand your intention, reducing his need to be defensive.

“I understand that this conversation might be hard for you.”

Acknowledging the difficulty of the conversation shows empathy towards your husband’s feelings, which can help deescalate the tension.

“Let’s take a short break and continue this conversation when we’re both calm.”

Suggesting a break when emotions run high is a proactive way to avoid escalating the situation further. It gives both of you time to calm down and approach the conversation more rationally.

“I can see that you’re upset. I’ll wait until you’re ready to talk.”

This statement shows respect for his emotional state and offers him the space to process his feelings before continuing the conversation.

“Your feelings matter to me. Can we talk about why you’re angry?”

This phrase not only validates his feelings but also opens up a dialogue about the source of his anger rather than allowing the conversation to spiral into an argument.

“I want to understand your point of view. Can you help me do that?”

Invite him to share his perspective in this way to make him feel heard and valued, reducing his feelings of defensiveness and anger.

“We’re on the same team. Let’s try to work this out together.”

Let him know that you’re not opponents, but partners working towards a common goal can help shift the dynamic from confrontation to collaboration.

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