Exciting things to do late at night with friends

Exciting things to do late at night with friends

Are you trying to catch up with your friends and you need some great ideas on what you can do with your friends on Friday or Saturday night?. I have put together a list of creative and exciting things to do late at night with friends.

Interesting Things To Do Late At Night With Friends

1. Star Gazing

Back in the days, moonlight tales were common. It was a gathering that brought people together to entertain and foster unity. You can as well recreate similar experience late at night with your friends by looking up in the sky and getting into deep conversations about a whole lot of topics.

You could point your phone at the sky to identify stars, constellations and planets. 

2. Play Video Games

Here is one thing a lot of guys will surely fancy doing late at night. A get together of friends without a session of video games seem incomplete. We love to challenge our friends on their favourite PS4 computer games. GTA, mortal combat are games with a lot of fun with your friends.

3. Truth or Dare

This is another exciting game you can play with your friends late at night if you are bored. You get to challenge your friends to do something, daring and perhaps silly. Most of the time, you even get to find out about some intimate secrets of your best friends. However, make sure not to go over the edge while trying to challenge a friend to a task. Keep it simple and fun.

4. Watch a Movie at Home

Netflix and chill. A great idea for friends trying to catch up and have a good time would be to see a movie together. If your friends are yet to see a particular film and they have longed to do so. Then a late-night film might be a great idea of exciting things to do late at night with friends.

 It is even better if you have a sound home theatre system. But if you don’t, draw the curtains. Make sure the movie resolution is top quality. Grab some popcorn and drinks and have a great night together.

5. Have a Cookout Session

Another exciting thing you could do a late night with friends is having a cookout session. Ladies most especially will fancy the idea of trying, their hands at baking or cooking a favourite dish. Get your kitchen cleaned up and well-stocked. And have your recipe book ready. 

You can try a variety of recipes and combinations. A cookout session late night with friends can be fun, especially when you are trying something new for the first time. 

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6. Dance Together

A late-night dance with friends can be a lot of fun. You can have a mixtape of your favourite songs and set the floor on fire!. Copy and teach each other your moves.

You can as well compete for the better dancer. Your time with your friends will fly, and you will end up having a great late night with them.

7. Play Card Games with Friends

Playing card games is an excellent idea of what you can do late at night with friends. You can devise a creative method to go about it. You can put up something at stake to spice things up.

 It becomes more fun that way. The card doesn’t require a lot of pre-planning and resources, and it is quite entertaining. So, you can try it with your friends when you all feel bored late at night.

8. Picnic

If the weather is good. You are hosting your friends for a sleepover, and you happen to have an outer space or garden in your house or close by. Then, you might consider having a picnic with them.

 Take a mat or anything you can sit on, fruits, cookies and other food items along. Go with your phones and other gadgets too, as you might want to take some good, long-lasting memory pictures with your friends.

9. Gist

One of the recommendable things to do late at night with friends is to gist. You might want to catch up with the latest happenings with your friends if you haven’t seen them for long. You can go about your childhood memories and your plans. Gisting is a common thing amongst friends. You get to laugh and have a good time with your friends. 

10. Swimming with Friends

To do this, you perhaps need a pool of your own at home. A nearby lake will do. You and your friends can take time to relax in the cool waters. You can splash water at each other and play some ball games even. These make it fun and worthwhile. 

11. Go to the Beach 

If you haven’t been to the beach in a long while. A trip to the beach with your friends will be a great idea. Take your beach ball and a few drinks and hit the sands. You can play a cue ball and table tennis together. Swim in the sea and have a great night out.

12. Take a walk around the Neighborhood

You can go on a short or long walk around the neighbourhood with your friends. You can decide to show your friends around your neighbourhood. Also, you can have a chit chat as you walk by. Crack a few jokes as you walk, and it promises to be a delightful night.

    13. Riddles

For an exciting thing to do a late-night with friends. Challenging your friends to riddles might not be a bad idea at all. Riddles appears to be an excellent exercise for the brain. It will keep you and your friends engaged and entertained too. 

    14. Barbecue Night

When your friends come around for a sleepover, you can organize a barbecue night in your backyard. Everyone can get their turns in cooking some smoky barbecue and grilled meat. It will be a good night ahead with tasty home-cooked barbecue delicacies.

If you are looking at exciting things to do a late-night with friends, you should consider taking up for any of the above-suggested ideas. I’m sure you would have an unforgettable night with your friends.

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