These 5 Types of Women Will Cheat On You

Cheating has destroyed more relationships and marriages than you can imagine. I have seen a situation in which a lady cheated on her fiancé a few days before their wedding.


And I have always seen a situation whereby a guy cheated on his fiancé on their wedding night. Indeed, the world of relationships is a complicated one. 


But the question now is – why do people cheat?


Do they cheat just because they can? Do they cheat because they are no longer in love with their partner? Or what????


Regardless of the reason for cheating, in this article, I will tell you 5 types of women who will cheat on you.


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#1. Materialistic Women


I think there are more materialistic women out there. These women seldom work for the things they want. Also, they had hardly worked for the things that they own.


Materialistic women have an insatiable appetite to get the finer things in life. They try to get these things no matter what it takes, and they don’t care who they hurt in the process.


They are highly driven by material things. And all it takes for them to cheat is for someone else to flash money at them.


The level of love a materialistic woman has for you depends on how much you can give. Once you are in a position to give, you will get their unwavering loyalty. 


Try as much as possible to avoid materialistic women because they have little or no loyalty. And once you can’t meet their needs, they may end up in another man’s bed.


#2. Women Who Spend Time on Dating Sites


If a woman sees you as a potential life partner, she will stop looking for other men. That means, she won’t be spending time on dating sites.


So, you should question the loyalty of your woman, if she still maintains her dating sites account long after you guys have started dating.


For instance, you meet your girlfriend on Tinder, and you guys have been dating for a while. And she still maintains her Tinder account long after you guys start dating; you should ask her why.


She may be looking for another man, or you aren’t man enough for her. Regardless of her reasons, try to have a conversation about it.


And during such a conversation, convince her to leave the app and focus on building your relationship.


Let’s get something clear; it’s not every time your girlfriend visits a dating website that she is cheating. Just that it’s baffling when a lady in a serious relationship still maintains her account on a dating account.


What’s the need of exposing yourself to all sorts of attention on a dating app, if you already have a guy you want to be with?


In my opinion, the possibility of your girlfriend cheating is high if she is still active on dating sites. It could be that she doesn’t want to be with you in the long run.


So, try to have that conversation with her. During your discussion, you can easily figure out if she takes you seriously.


However, if a woman is serious with you, she doesn’t give other men attention. And when another person slides into her DM, she doesn’t hesitate to cut them off.


#3. Unapologetic flirt


Most people love the attention they get when they flirt with people. But women should know when to draw the line when it comes to flirting with other people.


Of course, she may be flirting when she was single. It may be because she was trying to find her man. But now that you are in her life, she doesn’t have any excuse for flirting with other people.


And it can be really heartbreaking and disrespectful when your woman flirts right in front of you. The truth is, when a woman is taken, she cuts down or totally eliminates flirting from her life.


Then again, occasional flirting once in a while maybe harmless. But if she thinks you are the man of her dream, she won’t be flirting with every tom, dick, and harry.


It’s not only disrespectful when your woman flirts unnecessarily, it also sends the wrong message to the people in your circle. So guys, be careful of the unapologetic flirt.



#4. The Woman Who Never Shows You Off


If your woman loves and adorns you as she claims, why won’t she show you off? I mean, why does she hide you???


Let me explain this better. Let’s assume you have been dating a woman who claims to love you for a while, and you are yet to meet the important people in her life. You don’t know her best friend, her family, her colleague, etc.


And whenever you ask a question to know her better, she takes it personally and says you are prying a bit too much.


Trust me, if a woman really loves you and wants to be with you, she would want everybody in her circle to know you. And if you don’t find yourself in a situation whereby your woman is always happy and willing to show you off, you are in deep trouble.  


It’s possible that you are not the only person the woman is dating. So, she doesn’t want to complicated things for herself. Your relationship may not mean much to her because she may be cheating on you.


In a nutshell, if a woman is hesitant to introduce you to the people in her circle after the first few months of dating, you may be just a booty call; the main guy is actually somewhere there.


#5. A Woman Who Lacks Attention


There are several women out there who like attention; they crave it from their partners. And to keep these women, you need to constantly give them reassurances, words of affirmation, and attention. Otherwise, they may end up in another man’s bed.


So, it’s important to understand the kind of love language your woman has so that you can give it to her straight.


If your woman seeks attention from you, and even goes as far as articulating it for you to understand that she prioritizes attention over every other thing, please give it to her. It will go a long way to reduce the chance of her cheating on you.


These are the 5 types of women who will cheat on you if you are not careful. While these may not apply to all women on earth, you may find some of them to whom these would apply to. So, be careful.











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