The Ultimate Guide To Dating After Divorce In 2023

First things first, let’s answer this question with another question: Are you still grieving and processing the divorce? If the inside of your head still feels like a stormy sea, it’s probably not the best idea to swan dive back into the dating pool. Everybody processes challenging life events at different paces, so there’s no telling exactly how long this will take you.

If you’re still holding onto hopes that you and your ex-partner will reunite, it’s important to deal with these feelings first. If you attempt to start dating while still reeling from your divorce, you’ll likely find it difficult to make real, meaningful connections. Likewise, people will probably find it difficult to get to know the real you – the one who isn’t trying to get over heartbreak. Trying to date too soon may result in further hurt.

Grieving  is an important part of the healing process, so take all the time you need, and only think about dating again when you truly feel ready to move on.


What (Or Who) Are You Looking For?

Once you truly feel like you’ve moved on and gotten past your divorce, it’s worthwhile taking some time to think about what, or who, you’re looking for. Remember, you might’ve changed as a person in the chunk of time since you last dated. What you were looking for last time around may be different from your preferences today.

So, before you begin dating, sit yourself down and consider what it is you’d like to find in a potential new partner.

– What personality traits would you like to see in them?

– Is their choice of career important?

– Do you want somebody who shares your communication style  ?

– Do you want somebody who shares your  love languages?

– Are you dating to find a serious relationship, or just for fun?

– Do you mind  dating somebody with children?

 – Do you have any lines in the sand – any deal breakers you’re not willing to look past?

It’s worth spending a little time figuring out the answers to these questions. It’ll help you find someone you actually want, rather than somebody who’s simply available.

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