The Truth About Friends With Benefits Nobody Will Tell You

If you are among the people asking the question “what does friends with benefits mean”, you will find this article helpful.

Friends with benefits (FWB) is a common type of relationship. It involves two people spending intimate time together without any form of commitment. In other words, it’s a relationship in which two people agree to have sex without commitment.

Even though the FWB relationship is fun, it’s not as easy as you think. It’s not always easy to continue this type of relationship without catching feelings.

One thing you should know about FWB is that someone will always get hurt. Sadly, only one party may see the relationship as a mere friend with benefits. And the other party may be hoping for something more, and that’s where the heartbreak comes in.

It’s natural; someone is always going to get hurt in an FWB relationship.

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Challenges of Friends With Benefits

friends with benefits relationships

As part of our answers to the question ‘, what do friends with benefits mean,’ we will explain some of its challenges to you. FWB relationships come with their complications. It always starts on a good note, and you guys will have fun. But as time goes on, the guy or the lady will start catching feelings. And this is the beginning of trouble.

Let me tell you a story. My friend had a terrible experience with FWB. He had an office romance with one of his colleagues at work. When the whole thing started, they agreed that there’s no string attached, to have fun. But over time, the lady started catching feelings.

She became very jealous and started fighting other girls. At some point, she was begging the guy to marry her. The guy ended things with her, though, and was heartbroken.

That’s the problem with FWB relationships. You and your partner will always have an agreement at the beginning, but someone will always get hurt.

So, I am answering the question, “what does friends with benefits mean” because I don’t want you to be the victim in the relationship.

The rules are simple; there are no strings attached. If both parties can adhere to this, nobody gets hurt. But it’s not always easy.

What Does Friends With Benefits Mean – Rules To Make FWB Less Complicated

More often than none, friends with benefits relationships often end up in complications. But I’m going to give you some rules that will make your FWB relationships less complicated.

#1. Be Clear About It From The Start

Transparency is the first rule of Friends with benefits relationships. Ensure that both of you are on the same page. Never make the conversation one-sided, and be clear that your partner is comfortable with it.

With this understanding from the beginning, you will enjoy your FWB relationship because it will be less complicated.

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#2. Don’t Expect Anything More

The greatest mistake people make in FWB relationships is that they often expect more. No matter how nice your time together seems, always keep to the original agreement.

Don’t forget that the essence of an FWB relationship is to have fun. And when you start expecting more than this, you may be living in a fool’s paradise. Do you know why? The answer is simple – most people in an FWB relationship has a serious partner somewhere.

#3. Try As Much as Possible To Check Your Feelings

It’s normal for you to catch feelings when you spend too much time with that person. There’s always a possibility of you having feelings with your FWB partner. Once you notice this, try to reevaluate the situation of things.

Remember, you are only in the relationship for fun, nothing else. So, the next time someone asks you, “what does friends with benefits mean,” tell the person that it’s a relationship when you are not allowed to fall in love with your partner.

#4. Ensure You Read Your Partner’s Feelings Always

Always ensure that you and your FWB partner are on the same page. It’s the easiest way to avoid being hurt. Try to occasionally ask your fun partner how things are going with you guys. It will help to make things less complicated for you guys.

However, once you discover that you and your partner are having feelings for each other, discuss with them and reevaluate if you guys still want FWB or something more serious.

#5. You Can Either Agree to Make It Public Or Secret

Depending on what you guys want, you can either make your affair secret or public. But it’s advisable to keep it under the wrap except you guys decide to have something more serious and committed.

During my undergraduate days, two of my hostel mates claimed to be relatives. They were always together, and nobody even thought that the boy and the girl are making out.

The affair was so secretive that nobody was able to suspect anything. Guess what happen? The girl got pregnant along the way, and they are happily married now.

So, most times, it’s better to keep your FWB relationships underwrap and see how things go. I have seen many FWB relationships that turn into a more lovely relationship. But never expect anything serious from FWB. Otherwise, you will suffer a severe heartbreak.

#6. Have Some Ground Rules

Yeah, you heard me right, ground rules is essential in every relationship. But if you are with someone for fun, you should lay more emphasis on it.

Is it cool to visit unannounced? If your partner sees you with another person, are you guys going to behave like strangers? These are some of the ground rules you should have in your FWB relationship.

#7. Know When To End Things

As beautiful and exciting, a Friend with benefits relationship seems it’s not real. Always have this in mind.

Your partner may be giving you multiple orgasms, but you guys aren’t dating. There will be no romantic communication, surprise dates, dinner together, and many more. The only call or text you receive from your FWB partner is when and where is the sex will take place.

So, always know when to end things. Otherwise, you will get carried away by the fun of the moment. And this could affect your love life significantly.

#8. Always Use Protection

Using protection is another way to make an FWB relationship less complicated. You know how complicated it will be when you missed your period. Unless you are willing to be a baby mama, always use protection.

Outside unwanted pregnancy, there’s always the possibility of having STDs and STIs. So, the use of condoms is a must in FWB relationships.

So, have I answered the question “what does friends with benefits mean”?

Final thoughts

Friends with benefits relationships are often fun. But someone is always hurt. Follow the rules in this article; you will not have issues with your FWB relationship.

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