The Reasons Autism Is On The Rise

The Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) says more children are being diagnosed with autism than ever before. The rates may reflect a growing awareness of autism spectrum disorder and a focus on getting more children into treatment. Other factors including air pollution, low birth weight, and stress may also be behind the increase in diagnoses. In this article, we shall discuss the reasons why autism is on the rise.

New data from Trusted Source published this month from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that more children are being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) now than at any other point since the agency begin monitoring autism rates in 2000.

They also found that Black and Hispanic children are being diagnosed with autism at higher rates than white children.

According to the data, 1 in 36 eight-year-olds (2.8%) had autism in 2020 — a jump up from 1 in 44 (2.3%) in 2018Trusted Source.

Autism continues to be identified more frequently in boys but the report revealed that the prevalence of autism among girls has increased to over 1%.

A second CDC reportTrusted Source evaluating autism rates in 4-year-olds similarly found that autism is now more common in Black, Hispanic and Asian, and Pacific Islander children and is being diagnosed at younger ages.

More and more people are being diagnosed with autism. Increased awareness and screening efforts may reveal why autism is becoming more common.

It might seem like autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is more prevalent nowadays than it was 10 or 20 years ago.

Statistics from health organizations suggest that autism spectrum disorder diagnoses are on the rise. This doesn’t necessarily mean that autism itself is becoming more common. Although this might be the case, it could also be that more people are receiving autism diagnoses.

While many autistic people may have gone undiagnosed before, factors like increased awareness might help more people receive a diagnosis.

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