The Importance of Sleep as Part of Fitness Routines

Hi guys. In this segment, I’m going to talk about the importance of sleep. So you guys probably all understand how important it is to have your rest days as part of your fitness routine.

Have you guys ever considered how much sleep you get every day can affect your overall performance?

Well, sleep is important for both mental and physical health helping you relax, destress, and repair your body. But if you don’t get enough sleep your workouts can be affected.

And that’s why you see the top athletes get more sleep than others because they’re working so hard. So, they need to repair their body for similar amounts of time so they don’t injure themselves. It’s great injury prevention, believe it or not.

So getting that extra hour at night or having a nap in a day can really help improve performance as well as keep your body in the fittest possible state.

Being active during the day and making sure you have a good night’s sleep can also boost your energy levels for the next day allowing you to continue with your normal routine.

However, without sleep, your energy levels will be heavily reduced and this can build up over a period of time if you’re not getting enough sleep. It can really affect how your body works and how it functions throughout the day whether that be at work or at the gym.

So, make sure you have a fair amount of sleep depending on how much you work during the day guys. Getting enough sleep allows your glycogen level in your body to increase and this would then be built on to the glycogen from your food that you eat and glycogen is important for many reasons.


  1. Improves recovery.
  2. Increase glucose level i.e important for stamina & keeping your body healthy.
  3. Improves performance.
  4. Keeps your body in the fittest possible state.

So sleep is needed to help your brain concentrate. It helps in recovery from fatigue when at the gym or during workouts.

Here’s an example of why high coordination is very important.

If you’re tired you won’t perform to the best of your abilities. This means that you won’t get the satisfaction from working out, making it highly unenjoyable and that’s something you don’t want to do but if you get enough sleep you can help prevent this.

Don’t let it get to that guys. I’m telling you to improve your quality of sleep. You need to make sure you’re getting at least eight to nine hours which is a recommended guideline. I recommend at least getting a minimum of eight hours to help you carry out your activities for the next day.

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