The Dark Side of Sigma Male (The Untold Truth)

The sigma males are always outstanding for their visionary and strategic insight. And whenever someone mentions the phrase “sigma male,” what comes to mind is an intelligent, mysterious, and elusive male figure. But not all sigma males actually have all these unique traits. In this article, you will learn about the dark side of sigma male. 


There are instances when sigma males are poorly developed and become entirely different and toxic. And this could be due to their personal experiences in life.


In any case, here are 10 signs that you are dealing with a poorly developed, immature, and toxic sigma male.


#1. They Believe They Are Always Right (The Dark Side of Sigma Male)


Immature sigma male finds it difficult to think outside their own predictions. They believe that their ideas are superior to every other person’s, and once you try to contradict them (regardless of whether you are wrong or not), they take it very personally.


Relying too much on his intuition could lead to stubbornness and a single-minded focus on a particular video or idea. It’s not wrong to be stubborn. But when a sigma male is too focused on a specific idea or vision, he rules out other better alternatives.


#2. They Are Not Concerned About Your Feelings


Generally, sigma males don’t pay attention to people’s feelings. However, the mature and healthy one will constantly put other people’s interpersonal needs into consideration.


But the immature and unhealthy sigma males don’t care how you feel. They are so preoccupied with their goals and ideas that they don’t care about every other person’s emotional needs.


And when a sigma male’s feelings aren’t developed adequately, it could make them lopsided in their development. Their intuition will be focused on finding underlying meanings and predictions.


Their thoughts will be more focused on structuring and organizing the world for better efficiency.


And most times, sigma males tend to develop a false belief that other people’s feelings are insignificant to the bigger picture. That is probably why they always appear cold to every other person.


#3. They Love Giving People the Silent Treatment


Sigma males are not great at expressing their feelings. They would rather give you the silent treatment than tell you what they are going through. That is why sigma males have fewer friends.


If you overstepped the sigma males’ boundaries, they wouldn’t tell you about it. Instead, they would cut their relationship with you. They don’t have time to discuss how you make them feel and what you have done wrong.


Sigma males believe that people should take responsibility for their actions. And because of their introverted nature, they would process how they feel internally and react accordingly.


When the sigma male feels something deeply, he finds a way to sort out his emotion instead of telling people about it. That is one of the reasons it’s really difficult to predict the sigma males.


However, mature sigma males understand the importance of emotional expression and inputs from those they trust. So, while they process their feelings internally, they still seek advice from their closest friends.


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#4. Sometimes, the Sigma Males’ Visions and Ideas Lack Real-World Data


When the sigma males push their need to be lonely to the extreme, they may become out of touch with the world around them. They may still have amazing ideas and mind-blowing visions, but these ideas may not be realistic in a real-world situation.


So, even though sigma males get their creative energy from being lonely, they need to be in a social gathering once in a while. It gives them the real-world experience to come up with more realistic ideas.


In a nutshell, when a sigma male stops reading up facts about the world and how it is changing, their intuition will be less realistic and accurate.


#5. Most Times, Sigma Males Act Recklessly and Impulsively (the Dark side of Sigma male)


Sigma males tend to act recklessly and impulsively when they are stressed and under pressure. They may have fewer negative ways of dealing with stress like listening to music, meditating, exercising, reading, etc.


But when they are extremely stressed, they are impulsive and focused more on the sensory world around them. You may be disappointed to see a sigma male acting like an immature omega male during stressful times.


#6. They Disregard their Health and Physical Well-being


More often than not, sigma males are so hyper-focused on their goals that they lose track of everything going on around them, including their health and physical well-being.

When a sigma male has a deadline to meet, he will not sleep, eat healthily, or work out. He may be entirely out of touch with their bodily needs, including hydration.


Because of the sigma males’ intuitive nature, they are more driven by concepts and prediction. They find the physical world less intriguing.


#7. They Force Logic to Fit Their Idea


The mature and well-developed sigma males aren’t concerned about right or wrong. What they are interested in is the truth.


But I can’t say the same for the unhealthy sigma males. They often bend the facts and the logic to fit their vision and idea. And they won’t entertain any idea or opinion that contradicts theirs.


In this state, the sigma males’ thinking becomes less independent, less objective, and more warped.


#8. They are Cut Off from Their Own Emotions


When sigma males don’t pay enough attention to their feelings, they go hard on themselves and are less emotional. They may become over-focused on their goals and accomplishments at the expense of their individual emotional needs and desires.


If the sigma male continues on this path, it makes them lack empathy for others and become very cold.


#9. They Form Unfair Judgment of Emotionally Expressive People


Unhealthy sigma males are more likely to find people who express their emotions really irritating. They have a terrible impression about these people, making it difficult for the sigma male to trust them.


Once you are emotionally expressive, the sigma male won’t approach you with an open mind. He will have a preconceived notion about you.


However, healthy sigma males recognize that there’s strength in differences and approach other people with an open mind.


#10. They Have a Superiority Complex  


Sometimes, sigma males may get caught up in their ideas and intellectual theories. They place so much importance on their intuition and thinking that they devaluate and dismiss other people.


When in a team, they find other people’s ideas unworthy and unreliable. They have the habit of seeing people with opposite preferences in a negative light.


Even though some sigma males have dark tendencies, the personality type has strengths and abilities that other people don’t have.   





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