The Connection Between ADHD And Overstimulation

Overstimulation is not only a symptom of ADHD; it’s often seen in autistic people as well. People with ADHD and autistic people may display similar signs of hyperactivity when overstimulated, such as being extra reactive to sensory input (i.e., becoming fascinated by a specific object or fixating on a sensation). In this article, we shall discuss the connection between ADHD and overstimulation.

In addition, overstimulation in both ADHD and autism can lead to emotional and behavioral issues like anxiety, irritability, or anger. The two diagnoses often co-occur. Research suggests that between 31% and 95% of autistic children show symptoms of ADHD such as inattention, hyperactivity, or impulsivity.

It’s natural to be sensitive to your environment. Sometimes the music is simply too loud, or someone nearby is wearing a strong perfume.

But if you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), too much of something happening in one place at the same time can cause overstimulation or sensory overload.

When sensory overload happens, your brain is overwhelmed with information from your five senses and can’t process it correctly. Anyone can experience overstimulation, but it may be heightened if you live with certain conditions, such as ADHD.

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