The Actual Truth of “Hopeless Romantic” and Why You Should Never Quit

Dear Love Author, we’ve all either seen or been a hopeless romantic. It’s a person who has the faith that they will find the love of their life. This person believes in the fairytale happy ending. Unfortunately, hopeless romantics get a bad rep for idealizing the perfect love.

The hopeless romantic cliché

The dubious reputation of hopeless romantics could be for many different reasons, such as being labeled ‘serial daters’ or falling in love too fast and hard. However, having a positive outlook on what you envision your love life to be can actually work to your advantage.

There isn’t a time limit on when you meet the one.

Wishing for the right love to come along could possibly take time, but it isn’t impossible. It can be discouraging when you’re on social media and see everyone else looking beautiful and in love, but don’t get caught up in what other people are doing or what everyone else thinks about you being single. It could take as soon as a few months or longer than a decade; the key is focusing on what you desire and not how soon it will come to you.

Explore your options.
Have you tried looking into different methods of dating to increase your chances of finding the one? Here are some options you can try: online dating, reaching out within your own network of friends,, going out more in group settings, and talking more to people who share a common space with you (library, work, school, coffee shop). Exploring your options will also help increase your confidence and how comfortable you are speaking to a variety of people in different environments.

Your optimism is infectious.
Hopeless romantics often find it hard to envision a life without loving and being loved. People with hope see that it’s sunny behind the clouds and they tend to look at the world with a positive glass-is-half-full outlook. Keep the faith that you’ll eventually run into the person you’re supposed to be with. Your optimism shows the overall strength and determination with how you approach your life, and people around you will feed off that positive energy.

Romantic movies are your friend.
Then watching romantic movies on the Hallmark or Lifetime channel may be for you. Not only does watching these movies make you tear up with joy at the end, it can emulate the love you desire and reinforce the ideas of the kind of qualities you do and don’t want in your next relationship. For example, saying that you want a guy to bring you pizza in the rain when you’re upset with him, like the one in the movie, could show you what kind of love you expect and deserve to receive.

You become a stronger and wiser dater.

A hopeless romantic doesn’t give up after two (or six) failed relationships. Take the memories and experiences as lessons and apply them to how you can better attract the love you deserve.

It’s important to actually take time to learn from each attempt at a long-term relationship. In self-reflecting, some of the questions that could arise are, Were we moving too fast? Was I in love with this person for the right reasons? Did I see but ignore the signs that the relationship was over before I knew it? Taking the time to answer these questions will help you become more accountable in relationships moving forward.

Finding the right one can be daunting but also exciting. Being a hopeless romantic is about not giving up until you find your true love. Just remember, there could be a hopeless romantic out there waiting for you.

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