The #1 Myth All Beta Males Believe

Sorry Guys! Today, we are going to discuss something different. You can call it a little digression if you want. 


Beta males live their entire lives to impress people. They want to impress their friends, their colleagues, and of course, women. 


Talking about women, the Beta males can’t survive without women. Whenever they are in a new environment, their body always itches them to socialize and familiarize themselves with the women there. 


In today’s article, you will learn the Number one Myth 99.9 percent of low value men or Beta males believe. 


Whenever a Beta male makes some money or becomes successful, the next thing that comes to his mind is how to impress a lady and get her laid. 


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At all times, these men always engage in activities that they believe will increase their perceived value and make them more attractive to women. 


Ouch! What an insane way to live. 


Unfortunately the Beta males believe that all you need to get a woman’s attention is money. To them, once you make money, women will automatically flock around you. 


The truth is, Beta males and other low value men constantly make efforts to impress women with the things they (the beta males) are interested in.

Of course, we all know that women love money, but women don’t always prioritize money when it comes to choosing a partner. 


And in the quest to acquire more wealth to impress these women, Beta males often lose sight of the only thing that matters to women. 


The Beta male may be wealthy and Good looking. But they lack confidence, they get nervous around beautiful women, they are mentally weak, and lack basic conversation skills to flirt with women. 


The number one myth that Beta males believe and keeps them in the low value territory is their belief that with money they can solve every problem and even get women to be attracted to them. 


Don’t get this wrong though; it’s great to have money. In fact, men love money, amazing cars, and many other good things in life. 


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All these things will make an average man look absolutely amazing and desirable at a first glance. 


But when a woman engages you in a conversation and realizes that you are just an empty vessel, trust me; the game is over. 


This is exactly how things play out for most Beta Males. These men are always working hard to look successful and appear attractive. 


But they don’t really pay attention to developing their personality traits to become the best version of themselves. 


There are so many Beta males out there who have money and are very successful, yet are always rejected by women. 


The reason is simple – they don’t have what it takes to have a heart soothing conversation with a lady. 


Once you have a conversation with these people, you will realize that they are nothing but douchebags. 


Their opinions are weak, their perspectives lack imaginations, and their ideas are dead… 


The Beta Males are what is best described as an empty vessel that can’t provide any value during a conversation. 


Beta Males are always within the low-value men zone because they lack intangible traits like confidence, conversation skills, and the manly charisma… 


In a nutshell, the number one myth the Beta Males Believe is that once they are wealthy and look handsome with the right muscle size, every girl on the planet would choose them over other guys… 


But in reality, they are nothing more than a worthless empty box. Just like the saying goes empty vessels make the loudest noise. 


Have you had an encounter with the Beta male before? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment below.

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