4 Temporary Sacrifices Every All Pro Dad Should Make In 2023

The best thing you can do for your kids is to take care of your relationship with their mother.

1. Self (You’ll never miss it!)

This shouldn’t be a temporary sacrifice, but a permanent one. The moment you had kids, self-focus took a back seat. Unless you are married, in which case, it took a back seat when you made that commitment. But here’s the thing—once you truly get the idea of servant leadership, you won’t miss the old way.

2. Some Career Moves

“Weigh promotions carefully because they could lead to a broken family.”

Emphasis on the word “some.” A job that makes more money and gives more fulfillment but leads to too much time away from the family may not be the best move right now. The key to a full life is in relationships. Keep your family relationships as the highest priority. Weigh promotions carefully because they could lead to a broken family.

3. Privacy

Accessibility—both to children and spouse—is critically important. We all need the opportunity to recharge, but extended me-time probably needs to go bye-bye when there are relationships to nurture.

4. Fun

By fun, we mean frivolous fun. Fun with your children, or your wife, however, is not frivolous at all.

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