3 Powerful Struggles Every Man Faces

We’re all facing the same struggles, challenges, some obvious and some fought secretly on the inside. When we as men persevere through our struggles, especially together, we build character and find hope. In that spirit, let’s share how we’re not alone by exposing 3 struggles every man faces.


Many of us never expect to be lonely in marriage, hoping a spouse will be the lifelong companion who saves us from loneliness. Over time, however, couples can gradually disconnect from one another and find themselves feeling isolated and withdrawn, even for a season. Loneliness is not just about physical proximity; it’s about emotional connection. Sometimes, men feel lonely in the pressures they carry to meet the needs of their family and career, too. Self-Doubt

Every man I’ve ever had deep, honest conversations with has expressed this same nagging struggle that I have felt from time to time.  In the everyday adventures of marriage, of being a dad to five children, and of leading a nonprofit organization, I have questioned and second-guessed many decisions. I continue to learn how to trust that God will give me the wisdom I need to make the best decisions I can.

Lack of Direction

No, this is not about stubbornly refusing to ask for directions (a deserved stereotype rendered moot by map apps today). I’m talking about another of the problems men face, those occasions in life when a man assesses where he is and where he thought he would be and realizes he’s not sure where he wants to go. When I’ve had seasons like that, I’ve learned to first go to God in prayer and also to share with my wife, Susan, to get her counsel. I’ve also found that wise, godly men who will listen to me and give me good counsel often help me understand myself better and choose a direction to move toward.

“A lack of respect can crumble a man’s spirit.”

Lack of Respect

A lack of respect can crumble a man’s spirit.  When a wife or child constantly questions a man’s judgment, decisions, and actions, it surely takes the wind out of his sails. So, it’s important to help our wives and children understand how much we value their respect, without demanding it.

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