Stroke: Symptoms Of Stroke(2023)

Symptoms of the stroke

Further explaining the syndrome, Dr Shruti Vadke, Consultant Neurologist, Manipal Hospitals, Baner, Pune, said that this kind of stroke is associated with neck massages, referred to as cervical dissection by chiropractors. “There are four blood vessels that pass blood to the brain through the anterior and posterior parts of the neck. When a stroke occurs due to a block in the blood tubes in the posterior part of the neck, it is called a posterior circulation of stroke”

What are the symptoms of stroke?

As per the expert, some of the common symptoms of an anterior stroke include a unilateral weakness of one arm, drooping of the face, and difficulty in speech. These symptoms are commonly associated with stroke. Whereas, posterior circulation symptoms include some different symptoms as well. Sudden issues with balance and coordination, difficulty while walking, falls or imbalance, the onset of giddiness, nausea or vomiting, increased headache, blurring of vision, or vision loss are some symptoms people need to be aware of.

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