Stressed Or Excited! Let Your Mood Decide Your Fitness Routine In 2023

Different ways to stay fit according to your mood

1. If you’re tired, here’s what to do

Do you grapple to get out of bed in the morning, and even your makeup fails to hide your lack of sleep? It’s best to concentrate on hour mind and body activities. Focus on breathing and pay attention to your body, relaxation and meditation. The choice is vast: yoga, Pilates, body balance, floor bar, tai chi, and more.

The “Zen” dimension of these activities spreads in us and cultivate a form of inner serenity which recharges our batteries. Another advantage is that these are gentle activities for the joints and therefore, more suitable for avoiding injury in the event of fatigue.

Breathing activities calm you down.

2. If you’re excited, here are tips to stay fit

Choose an intense sport that lets off steam: Cross training, body attack, indoor cycling, swimming, squash, running and more.

These moderate to high intensity sports make us sweat, burn calories and require a lot of energy. You feel drained, but lighter at the exit.

3. Feeling grumpy? Here’s how to let go

This is when you should look for a sport to let off steam: jump rope, bootcamp, swimming or, even better, combat sports: boxing, karate, judo, Krag Maga , kung fu, etc.

If you tick a little at the idea of ​​hitting an opponent or a punching bag, you should choose a fitness version without impact, such as cardio boxing or body combat.

These activities are focused on explosiveness, cardio or inspired by martial arts. They are perfect for bringing down the negative and finding inner calm.

4. Combat stress with these fitness activities

Pressure at work or study deadlines can all be stressful. Anxiety also tires us out and ends up slyly lodging itself in our trapezius muscles. This is when we must look for a sport to eradicate stress and release tension.

In the ‘soft’ version, we opt for yoga and other relaxing activities, but nothing beats a good cardio session: running, aqua biking, body attack, body combat, gym, circuit training, bootcamp or swimming.

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