Stress! Healthy Ways To Reduce Stress In 2023

How to reduce stress in morning?

“For a mindful morning routine, start by waking up after a consistent seven to eight hours of sleep—necessary for optimal cognitive and physical functioning. Waking up a little earlier will give you enough time for deep breathing or meditation, followed by a brisk walk, light stretching, or yoga. These exercises energise your body and mind, readying them for the day’s work ahead,” says the expert.

Nutritionally, begin with a balanced breakfast that incorporates whole grains, proteins, and a serving of fruit, ensuring sustained energy and focus.

Make your afternoon stress-free with these tips

As the sun climbs, the workday intensifies and stress levels rise, the mental focus becomes necessary. The expert suggests employing techniques like the Pomodoro method, which advocates concentrated work intervals interspersed with short breaks to help maintain focus. These pauses can be optimized for short walks or deep-breathing exercises, both proven to refresh the mind.

Complementing this with a lunch enriched in green leafy vegetables, known for their magnesium content, can further buffer against stress.

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