Stop These 6 Common Mistakes To Avoid Painful Menstruation(2023)

Mistakes that make period pain worse

Here are the six mistakes you should avoid that can make your period cycle more painful:

1. Drinking too much tea or coffee

Consuming too much tea or coffee to alleviate cramps during periods is not a good idea . In addition to increasing stress, blood pressure, and heart rate, drinking too much tea or coffee can make you feel tired throughout the day. To avoid this, you can include organic tea, healthy juices, and shakes in your routine. Sometimes, caffeine itself can cause lower abdominal cramps. Caffeine is a diuretic that dehydrates us.

2. Fasting or staying hungry for long periods

During these days, heavy bleeding can make you feel weak. Avoid fasting, particularly during this time. Add nutrient-rich superfoods to your diet to provide your body with full nutrition, including vitamins, minerals, and calcium. Skipping meals during this time can cause various problems in the body.

3. Waxing

Pain receptors increase during periods, and the skin becomes more sensitive. As a result, waxing sessions can be painful. During waxing, stretching the skin can cause pain. If you switch from waxing to shaving, there is a risk of cuts on the skin. To avoid this problem, waxing should be avoided during that time.

Avoid waxing or shaving during your menstrual cycle.

4. Using the same pad for a long time

Many women use only one pad throughout the day, which increases the risk of toxic shock syndrome. Additionally, itching and bacteria can increase in the vagina. To prevent this problem, change your pad three times a day. Changing pads every six hours can prevent stains and discomfort from bad smells.

5. Excessive consumption of dairy products

Excessive dairy product consumption can cause water retention and increase the risk of acidity problems. During periods, consume low-fat milk, which does not increase the risk of cramps. Additionally, many women complain of constipation.

Dairy will worsen your period pain!
6. Unprotected sex

Sex during periods can relieve cramps due to organsm in the body. However, having sex during menstruation can also increase certain difficulties at times. Intimacy during bleeding can increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections because these infections are found in the blood. Having sex without a condom can cause trouble for you.

In addition to these mistakes, consuming excessive sugar, salt, and deep-fried foods can cause bloating, mood swings, and dehydration.

Remember, taking care of your body during this time is crucial. So, put down that cup of coffee, grab a healthy snack, and avoid waxing. Happy periods, everyone!

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