Stop Excess Sleep: 5 Bad Effects Of Too Much Sleep (2023)


1. You have a higher risk of diabetes
Studies have shown that sleeping too much can increase the risk of diabetes. According to a study published in American Diabetes Association, both short and long sleep durations are associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

2. Sleeping too much causes obesity
A study conducted by the University of Glasgow shows that abnormal sleeping habits may increase the risk of obesity among those who are predisposed to being overweight genetically.

Your sleep cycle can also impact your weight. 

The study found that people sleeping for a short duration (less than seven hours per night) and long durations (over nine hours per night) face increased risk of being overweight, compared with those who slept for normal duration.
The research found people who sleep for long hours and had a high genetic risk of obesity were about four kilos heavier.

3. You’re also at the risk of heart disease
A study published in the journal Sleep Medicine concluded that women who reported daytime sleepiness almost every day, compared to those who did so rarely/never, had an elevated adjusted risk of cardiovascular disease.

4. It can also might be an indicator of depression
Oversleeping is a sign of disordered sleep, similar to insufficient sleep. According to research papers, oversleeping among younger adults and teenagers can be a sign of depression. An estimated 40% or more of adults under 30 years of age with depression experience hypersomnia.

Always sleepy and don’t feel like getting out of your bed? 

That said, sleeping too much can also make symptoms of depression worse. It’s a chicken-and-egg situation y’all.

5. Oversleeping can also impact your brain
A startling research paper published in the Journal Of American Geriatrics found that sleeping too much can make the brain age by two years and impact your concentration.

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