Stop Drinking Milk On A Empty Stomach! Know The Reasons Why You Shouldn’t(2023)

This is why You Should never, ever drink milk first thing in the morning
Well, I have found the answer to this in Ayurveda. Basically, everything depends on the composition of your body. If milk doesn’t suit you, especially if you are having it first thing in the morning, then it means your body is air dominant. Turns out, I’m one of them.

So, people like me get acidity by drinking a glass of full milk first thing in the morning. Plus, according to Ayurveda, the best time to have milk is in the night as it can induce sleep.

It made me feel sluggish all the time
Well, science says that milk is heavy to digest if you have it right in the morning as the digestion is slower at that point in time. Since it is a well-known sleep inducer, I would end up feeling like I’m out of energy.

Believe it or not but milk can make you sluggish. 

Its heaviness also put a load on my tummy. At times, it gave me a stomach ache as well given that my digestive system had to work hard to digest it.

So, after experiencing all this, I thought that it is better to consume my glass of milk as an evening snack or before bedtime only because it has not at all worked for me as a morning elixir.

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