Stop Being Hard On Yourself: 4 Healthy Ways To Free Yourself From Self Criticism (2023)

4 Ways On How to Stop Being So Hard on Yourself In 2023

Breaking free from the chains of self-criticism involves conscious effort, self-awareness, and patience. Here are nine potent strategies to help you move from a space of self-judgment to understanding.

1. Speak to yourself with gentleness.

The way we talk to ourselves matters deeply. Make a conscious effort to use kinder, more supportive inner language. Don’t insult yourself for mistakes – talk to yourself as you would a dear friend.

Remember, you’re only human. Give yourself encouragement, not criticism. Respond to setbacks with understanding, not judgment. Practice self-talk that is patient, nurturing, and comforting.

2. Celebrate and appreciate your wins.

Don’t minimize or brush past your accomplishments and successes. Take time to acknowledge and celebrate even small wins. Remind yourself regularly of your strengths and the progress you’re making.

Reflect on how far you’ve come. Make a list of recent victories, large and small. Share your achievements with supportive loved ones. Allow yourself to feel pride in your efforts. You deserve to recognize your hard work and growth.

3. Release the need for perfectionism.

Perfection isn’t possible or healthy to pursue. Give yourself permission to be a work in progress. Focus on consistent effort rather than demanding flawlessness. Progress over perfection is what matters. Allow things to be less than ideal.

Choose growth and self-compassion over being the best. Embrace mistakes as opportunities to improve and try again. Detach your self-worth from outcomes. High standards are wonderful but beware of rigidity and unrealistic expectations.

4. Practice self-forgiveness.

Don’t endlessly criticize yourself for where you’ve fallen short. We all make mistakes; it’s part of being human. Learn from missteps, then practice granting yourself grace. You can course-correct with self-love. Let go of guilt and shame around past actions.

Make amends where possible and choose to move forward. Forgive yourself as you would a good friend. Remember that new days bring new choices. You are more than your worst moments.

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