Stiff Muscles:3 Stretches You Can Do While Working To Ease Stiff Muscles(2023)


Here are 3 stretches you can do while you’re working, at your desk, to keep your body moving and thwart muscle stiffness.

1. Neck stretches
Does looking at your laptop screen for hours at an end make your neck hurt? Well, stretch the sides of your neck for some instant relief. Alternatively, do a back neck stretch with these instructions: reach both your hands behind your back and hold on to your right wrist with your left hand. Straighten your arms and pull away slightly. Hold the stretch for about 30 seconds, release, and switch sides.

2. Shoulder stretches
If your tight shoulders are getting you down, then try shoulder rolls and rotations. Another exercise that can help you out is the cow-face pose. Here’s how you can do it: straighten your right arm and then bend it behind your head. Now, take your left arm behind your back while bending your elbow. Try to reach the fingertips of your right hand with your left arm and stretch. Repeat with the other hand.

3. Abdominal stretches
Not only will these stretches help you feel energetic, but they will also keep your belly from popping out. Here is one to start with: the cobra pose (reclining back-bending asana) works on your core muscles and help ease lower back stiffness.

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