Stiff Muscles: 5 Simple Tricks On How To Get Rid Of Stiff Muscles(2023)


That’s why we’ve got for you five simple tricks that you can do at your home to loosen up your achy muscles:

1. Move more
Just sitting on your work desk for hours and gazing at your system can wreck not just your hip muscles but yourlower back and traps too. To avoid this, the smallest thing you can do is get up from your seat and walk around for 5 – 10 minutes every hour. Alternatively, every time you get a call—walk and talk.

2. Dance it out
If you think that the entire idea of stretching and exercising is way too boring, then dancing can do the trick for you. It’s not just a fun way to loosen up your muscles—rather, you can also work out all your muscles at once.

3. Do basic yoga
Who says that you need to be a yogini if you want to be flexible? Just doing basic yoga poses can help you loosen up big time. Poses like child pose, upward dog pose, downward dog pose, and cobra pose can help you flex better.

Stick to the basics. 

In fact, according to a research published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, just practicing simple yoga can help you deal with muscle soreness that’s been troubling you for ages.

4. Sit and sleep properly
Well, posture is one of the most neglected things and unfortunately, muscle stiffness is majorly caused by bad posture. For example, if you are watching TV and the angle of your neck is not right, then neck pain is inevitable. Similarly, when you sleep it is always advised to watch out for your posture and the positioning of your pillow(s) to avoid unwanted stress on some of your muscles.

Not to mention, according to a study published in a journal BMJ Open, the wrong sleeping posture can rupture lower back muscles and can also lead to spine issues? This study also states that lying in the same positions for hours can also lead to muscle stiffness.

5. Be consistent with your routine
Following all the above-mentioned tricks for a few days is not going to solve anything for you. You need to be utterly consistent and disciplined to get rid of muscle soreness once and for all. Because unfortunately, muscle soreness can make a comeback anytime.

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