5 undisputed steps to quality parenting

steps to quality parenting

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5 undisputed steps to quality parenting

Parenting is one aspect of life that hardly ever get questioned in this generation. We see killings here and there, raping, questionable acts etc; yet no one points fingers to the parents of those found guilty. If parenting doesn’t have a very good role to play in these, I don’t know what does.

These were the reasons that planted the urge for me to write an article on good parenting steps. Though this article might not exhaust all that is needed for good parenting, I’ll advise you to try and learn one or two things from this.

Having children perhaps is not so much a challenge as raising them. For this reason, I’ll urge you to take parenting very seriously for a better tomorrow for your children.


7 undisputed steps to quality parenting

  1. Live an exemplary lifestyle

It’s no news that children learn from what they see you do than what you tell them to do. For this reason, it’s good you live an exemplary life for your children to emulate. For parents who have questionable characters that are difficult to change, it’s good they try and act properly in front of your children.

Though this may be a difficult task to achieve, it’s one you should try and emulate. You don’t expect your children to see you always throwing insult and don’t expect them to act in a similar way. This is why it’s good you always set a good example for your children to follow.

  1. Training must be consistent and insistent

Training is a continuous process. It’s not based on a time frame. As long as you’re still alive, parenting never ends. For this reason, never assume that your child has come of age and at such the child can’t be corrected. Also, make sure parenting is not what you spend your spare time doing, but what you dedicate your time to do.

  1. Parenting must be careful and purposeful

Though parenting can be so stressful, it doesn’t mean you should be all strict about it. Be careful and purposeful. Remember, when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.

  1. Don’t compromise standards

The fact that you shouldn’t be strict about parenting doesn’t mean you should compromise standards. In this journey called parenting, wisdom should be applied at all times. Is this wisdom that will teach you when to use iron hands and when to just talk to your child. As long as you don’t compromise standards, you are good to go.

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  1. Give them your time

Being good with parenting includes you spending time with your children. There are times when these children needs advise. When their parents are nowhere to be found, they go outside for advice. If this advice is gotten from bad folks, their minds can be poisoned. Slowly, they start going astray from what was expected of them.


Parenting is one thing we should be good at if we plan to have children. This will help reduce the number of wayward children we have in the world today. These 5 steps are important steps all parents should emulate. Also, it’s good to also give your children good instruction and correct them in love if they do otherwise. Remember, discipline cannot be replaced. So don’t compromise it. Stay blessed.

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