Steps On Acing Floor Tap Squats(2023)

Acing the floor tap squats

Step 1: Begin by standing with your back straight and keep your legs shoulder width apart. Now, rest your hands around the waist.

Step 2: Take the squat position and ensure that you are pushing your hips back to an extent that you are ‘sitting on your calves’. Follow this up by tapping the ground with one hand.

Tip: If tapping the ground is difficult, then consider using a dumbbell kept vertically, a yoga block or a kettlebell.

Step 3: After tapping the floor, press yourself back up and jump. Remember to land on your toes and maintain balance.

Step 4: Once you land on your toes, push yourself up again to do a jump and then return to the starting squat position. Now repeat.

For beginners, 15 repetitions (reps) and 3 sets are sufficient. While seasoned fitness enthusiasts may consider doing  25 reps and 4 sets, with a break of 20 seconds between each set.

Tips to prevent injuries
  1. Ensure that your core is tight and back is straight to maintain your balance while jumping and landing.
  2. Don’t jump too high as they are only meant to add intensity. The important factor is to land properly.
  3. Lean the right, which is at a 45 degree angle to avoid back injuries.
  4. The squat position and form is important, so perform the movement slowly to avoid distorting the movement.
  5. For beginners, refrain from using ankle weights or any other resistance as the exercise in itself provides adequate intensity to burn fat.

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