Step By Step On How To Do Chakki Chalanasana(2023)

How to do chakki chalanasana
  • To start this asana, sit down on a yoga mat and bring your leg straight in front of your body;
  • Now lock the fingers of both your hands, and bring your hands out straight before your chest;
  • Next, hold your arms straight and horizontal throughout the practice; check that your elbows aren’t bending;
  • Bend forward while not straining. Assume that you simply are churning a mill with a stone grinder;
  • Pivot to the right with the goal that your hand goes over the right toe as far as possible;
  • Lean back as much as you can on the rotation;
  • When you do forward rotation, put your arms and your hands on one side, over your left toes;
  • One rotation implies one round finished, do at least 5 to 10 rotations clockwise and after that in the anti-clockwise direction;
  • While doing the rotation, you should move your body from your hips. (Your hips should be straight; try to move your upper body from the hips);
  • For beginners, try to rotate 5 to 6 rotations in one attempt;
  • To release from this position, breathe in and slowly get on to the starting position. Now keep both your hands alongside your body, keep your leg straight and take a deep breath and relax;
  • Do this asana again. You should do a minimum of 10 repetitions of this asana for better results;
  • Initially, when you start this yoga asana, you will feel some pain in your legs, hips, thighs, and arms, but as you practice more, you can do this asana more easily.

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