Sport Bra: 5 Things You Must Put In Mind While Choosing Sport Bra(2023)


Here are the 5 things that you need to look for in the perfect sports bra:

1. There are three kinds of sports bra so you need to pick one that suits you best
Surprise, surprise! Yes ladies there are three kinds of sports bras in the activewear section of your fave store. Compression, encapsulated, and combination.

  • Choose a compression sports bra, if you have small breasts
  • Choose an encapsulated sports bra if you have large breasts and/or you indulge in high-intensity workout sessions.
  • Choose a combination sports bra if you want 100% support and proper compression.

2. Look for adjustable straps
If you like wearing pullover bras, then you are taking a huge risk as the straps lose their elasticity after a few wears and there is no scope of adjusting the straps. That’s why you must look for an adjustable strap that can support your breasts properly.

3. Choose a bra for your cup size
We know that sports bras mostly come in sizes like small, medium, and large. But a bra that is meant to support your ta-tas as you jump up and down needs to be less generic, don’t you think? Therefore, always look for a brand that offers proper cup sizes to ensure that there is no spillage and you get proper support.

Cup size matters the most while running. 

4. Look for a bra with proper bands and panels
If you are intrigued by the multiple panels and bands that your sports bra has, then let us reveal their purpose to you today. The bottom band supports your breasts while the side and back panels ensure zero spillage. Plus they help you choose a good fit.

You should be able to pull the bottom band of your sports bra from the centre at least half an inch. If you’re able to manage this feat, then you’ve found your match. If not, look for the next size.

5. Your sports bra should have a soaking wick
Of course you are going to sweat while exercising. And if you don’t look for a bra which has a proper breathable wick or soaking mechanism, then be ready for some chafing and rashes.

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