Specific Supplements: 6 Common Risks Of Specific Supplement(2023)

What are the common risks of specific supplements?

Herbal Supplements: These can vary widely in terms of quality and efficacy. Some herbs can interact with medications, cause allergic reactions, or have unintended effects on health.

High-dose vitamins: While vitamins are important, taking excessively high doses of certain vitamins (megadoses) can be harmful. For example, excessive vitamin E intake may increase the risk of bleeding.

Weight loss and bodybuilding supplements: Some weight loss and muscle-building supplements may contain stimulants, steroids, or other substances that can have serious health risks. They can also be associated with cardiovascular issues and organ damage.

Performance-Enhancing Supplements: Some supplements marketed as performance enhancers can have dangerous side effects, and their use may lead to doping violations in sports.

Ephedra and Bitter Orange: These substances, often used in weight loss supplements, have been associated with serious health risks, including cardiovascular issues and strokes.

Pregnancy and Special Populations: Pregnant, breastfeeding, children, and elderly individuals should consult healthcare providers before using supplements due to varying nutrient needs.

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